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Hi, I'm Natalie.

I'm a content marketer and storyteller who works with businesses to help them create and tell their best stories so they can grow authentically.

I tell stories that get results. I ensure that your messages are seen and heard, from developing a content strategy to seeing through the creation and distribution of the content.

Let me help you create content that resonates and converts.


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For the last two years I've worked with Andromeda Consulting to strategize with executives on creating content for the growth needs of SaaS tech start-ups, and then I create this content from SEO research to articles, social media, graphics, and thought leadership media. These campaigns have had the following impact:

  • Drove nearly a 500% YoY increase in organic sessions and a 600% increase in new user acquisition through thought-leadership content marketing and SEO efforts.
  • Increased organic backlinks by 300% YoY by producing genuinely engaging, educational, and actionable content in targeted keyword niches.
  • Increased average email open rate from 32% to 50% and CTR from 1.5% to nearly 3% YoY on weekly content marketing emails and monthly newsletters.
  • Built a social media marketing engine from 0 in order to increase followers more than 100% YoY and drive social referral traffic which was nonexistent before


This project has been a delightful test of my ability to blend creativity and empathy with data analytics. Much experimentation went into the redesign of this online wellness company's brand and content strategy. Focuses of this campaign:

Brand Strategy - I created a Brand Guide complete with visual identity elements such as colors, logo variations, textures, and font families. I also created the brand message guidelines including core values, brand story, tagline, promise, voice, copy bank, and target audience avatars.

Content Strategy - I created a cohesive multi-channel marketing campaign that builds the top of funnel through social media and email marketing to grow and convert a highly targeted audience for high ticket wellness coaching and membership.

The results? Engagement, followers, clicks, and conversions have all seen huge growth via these strategies


I created the branding, social campaign, and copywriting for the launch of Fibers & Flowers. It's a macramé Etsy shop with a cozy, minimalist aesthetic. I created the digital assets from the logo and graphics to the product descriptions in the shop. My goal was to create product descriptions that would educate and engage potential customers and standardize this copy for further use on social media. I focused on highlighting the unique features of each product and emphasizing the craftsmanship that goes into every piece.


The Tale Spinners Mastermind - Creator Of A Personal Brand Storytelling Mastermind

  • In 2019, I created a mastermind for teaching creative entrepreneurs how to efficiently create content that is authentic and effective by crafting a sincere, joyful creative process that allows for spontaneity yet consistency while mastering the crafting and distribution of their message. Many attendees had their most easeful and profitable quarters following the mastermind.

Living Security - Lead Writer of Immersive Cyber Security Trainings

  • I created original scripts for Hollywood-style immersive cyber security trainings by working with the content creation team, developers, and sales agents to craft educational and entertaining content for their target audience of large corporations.

HBO’s SXSWestworld - Actor in Westworld Activation at SXSW

  • Until this project in 2018, I had been working as a professional actor and dancer. This project made me realize I didn't want to just tell stories on stages and that I wanted to help brands grow using storytelling. Acting in the revolutionary SXSWestworld Experience taught me the power of marketing campaigns that are immersive and audience-focused experiences while investing in art and a beautiful creative process. This production won a Gold Lion and an Emmy Award.

Let's grow your brand to it's full potential.

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